I really did go to Asia this summer…

It really did happen! Asia! It happened! And wow, life really goes so fast! It’s been well over a month since I have been back in the States. And life DID NOT wait for me to take a little power nap upon arrival. I finally sat down to edit photos and begin thinking of how to share the stories of all that happened.


So just know that stories are brewing….. there’s so many! It is so hard to describe moments that changed you…. moments that will forever impact you.  There are things that happened that changed the way I think and do life…. and I have so few words for those moments. Really I don’t even know what happened other than God showed up. And life was richer.

Mostly I want to shout out to all the people who believe in me….. and believe in the God in me.  Your giving impacted the nations.  This was the first trip I have been on that I truly, with all my heart felt like the planet was changed because of the love of God flowing through me and our team.  And you guys were part of history being made. Travelling and ministering with Georgian and Winnie Bannov was a dream come true…. no MORE than a dream come true!!

Our team spent 3 days in norther Thailand and Burma, loving on kids that were former child soldiers or at risk of being trafficked.


We threw a party pretty much everywhere we went!  The kids LOVE to sing and dance! Georgian loves to play and party! Excellent combo!

After Northern Thailand, we headed down to Bangkok for a few days.  We went to a trash dump village and threw a party! So many people got saved and healed and filled with JOY, it was blowing us all away!


This lady saw her neighbor get healed and walk down the street. She called us over to talk. I shared about the love of the Father, the friendship of Jesus and the comfort and power of the Holy Spirit. And asked if she would like “all of that in her life”. She said with tears “yes!’ Her brother and sister also said yes! So we all cried because the presence of God was so strong and sweet…. as they were filled with Jesus…. and filled with the Love of the Father…and filled with the Spirit!She couldn’t stop hugging me…..I couldn’t stop crying and laughing! Then we had a “JOY tunnel” in street for everyone to come through and get more JOY and LOVE!! It was probably in my top 5 days on the planet. His love really never fails.


they literally live on a trash dump.  It was the most heartbreaking place I have ever visited…. yet I have never encountered  God more in my life than there. He really is with “the least of these”.


115One night in Bangkok, we threw a joy party in the red light district.  Our friend played the violin that sounded like angels singing. People would come from streets over just to hear her play.  So we just started cheering for people as they walked by us…. and it turned into this celebration tunnel. We had no translators and had a VERY hard time talking to the workers on the street. But laughter and celebration and love…. needs no translator! The girls were leaving their store fronts to walk through the tunnel! They laughed and giggled their way through! One man just stood with us for nearly the entire time we were out there. He just couldn’t understand why we were there because no one comes to that area to do anything good. You could feel the Light on the sidewalk where we were….. Lighting this dark and hopeless area in the world.


After Bangkok, we traveled across the border to Cambodia.  The border from Thailand to Cambodia has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the world. You can physically feel the spiritual climate change as you walk the border.

123We stopped to visit one of the sweetest kids homes I have ever been to! They would run down the long drive just to hug us and hold our hands and walk us back to their home.


We threw a HUGE party with fried chicken, watermelon and ice cream!! We sang songs and made balloon animals and giggled! It was pure bliss!


the balloon animals just started turning into “creatures”! 

After Siem Riep, we flew to Phnom Penh…..one of my fave cities in the world!  We spent some time in a trash dump village, where I decided trash dumps are probably one of my favorite places to go.


Trash dumps have a high percentage of women and kids that are trafficked. Georgian and Winnie take the Love of God to the poorest areas…. like take it right to where it’s happening and partner with God to change the neighborhood. So many people got healed and met Jesus that day.  These ladies were rescued from prostitution….. and the ministry we partnered with has been teaching them to make jewelry. And they provide opportunities for them to sell their goods.  They have a new life and the joy that radiated off them was so contagious!


Ahh! The kids are just sooooo cute!!! Because of where these kids live, they are at risk for human trafficking. Please pray that they will know God is a good, good Father and He protects them and has beautiful plans for them. Please pray for their parents to cherish their children as gifts from God. Pray that heaven would invade that place.


We also spent some time in a slum area where a very high percentage of women and kids are trafficked.  Again….we threw a party with games and snacks and music and giggles! So many people in the neighborhood got saved that day! Pray for the LIGHT of Jesus to invade that neighborhood.


I held this little girl the entire time. She would not let me put her down.  Not sure how long it’d been since she was hugged and tickled and snuggled! But affection is not the norm in Asia. I am sure my heart exploded that day with love!

Our trip came to a close with a beautiful team dinner…..which i don’t even have a picture of somehow! My trip extended a few more days to hang with my Canadian family and some other sweet friends and mani/pedi/hairstylin’ at the local Asian spa!


VERY sleepy faces….but oh so HAPPY hearts!!  #canadianfamily

SO there ya go…… Asia. Don’t you worry…..I have more stories and pics coming! Thank you everyone who sent money and encouragement and love and words…. it was my favorite trip I have ever done. Definitely the most powerful and most restful and most impactful thing I have ever been apart of.  I am indebted to the Bannovs for sharing their feast with us.  The level of Joy and Rest the Bannovs walk in was astonishing….. thank you for showing me “ministry”. It was so beautiful! And I am forever changed by the message you guys carry:)


  1. raycatlett · September 20, 2016

    Love this!!

  2. Carolyn Book · September 21, 2016

    Celeste, so proud of you and this testimony. This was such a kingdom event. I am glad you got to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing His love everywhere, even Atlanta!

  3. daniel645 · September 21, 2016

    Amazing! Loved seeing this update and all the photos. Thanks for sharing!

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