A little weekend trip to Trinidad…


Maracas Bay


looks like a postcard


sleepy little fishing village


we felt like we were in a Jack Johnson video


fresh pineapple soaked inn green spicy “something”


scary, buff pineapple man laughed at my request for a straw


sunny skies foreverrrrr


Maracas Bay bird’s eye view


everywhere the tropical flowers grow wild


Port of Spain


of course we must stop and taste all the random local treats


and then more local treats


Another cove beach surrounded by the jungle


happy for any chance to wear the Chaco’s


waiting for chicken and chips


getting ready to zipline…. first time ever!

IMG_1117 (1)

This is my holy-crap-this-is-high-and-i-have-to-jump-off-what? face


this place is called “Bamboo Cathedral” a beautiful path paved through the rainforest…


homemade ice cream on the street…. there’s an “ice cream” street… I need to live on that street


mmmmmm ice cream foreverrrrrr


our beautiful host home….. we were extravagantly blessed to stay in this beautiful home with the most beautiful family!


the markets full of fresh tropical fruits…… makes me long to live in the tropics


papaya for days


oh to have fresh tree ripened bananas every day

IMG_1166 (2)

strumming a little ditty

IMG_1176 (1)

it’s amaaaaazing what a 4 year old can convince a grown man to do! Master Negotiator!


Rituals coffee is Trinidad’s version of Starbucks. We fell in LOVE!!!

IMG_1189 (1)

I finally got the Cuban food I was promised…… at the Miami airport:)

We had the BESSSSSSST time in Trinidad.  The people were so warm and hospitable. The food was spicy and flavorful…. ok sometimes spicier than I could handle!  For Kyle it was NO PROBLEM AT ALL!! We spent most of the time hanging with the local church who welcomed us like family.  Our friend Blake was the guest speaker at a conference(he wrote “The Veil”…click here to order his book…. it will change your life!).  We were blessed to assist him and be his ministry team.  We worshiped with the locals (I haven’t encountered God that much in worship in a LONG time.), walked the streets of the neighborhood and prayed for so many people (lots of healing, encounters and one man met Jesus for the first time), ate SOOOOO MUCH AMAZING local food, drank an insane amount of coffee, played endless games of hide and seek with our hosts 4-year old son and laughed so hard every single day that our cheeks hurt!!!

I love you Trinidad! You were so magical! It was such a gift from God that we got to make beautiful memories with you!

Until next time T&T….Ciao!

One comment

  1. Debbie · June 28, 2016

    It was our privilege to have you guys with us, you were so open to try new things 😆. Thank you for coming and please visit soon, or maybe we will visit Superman and Wonder woman 😙😜.love you guys Debbie.

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