The one…


This song has been on repeat for like 3 days now….And I have seen images in my head like a movie reel…of all the reasons I am here in Cambodia. Have a listen while you read:)

I came with the idea that this trip would look somewhat like a typical mission trip.   Full itinerary.  Lots of street ministry.  Maybe orphanage work.  Things that are so familiar to me.  Places I am so willing to go to.  Things I am willing to do without much thought.

So I do apologize if this is what you were expecting to see…:)

This time God decided to rip the face off of missions.  And teach me how to follow my peace.  To wake up everyday with excitement and expectation.  I am not sure if this mission was for the people here.  Or for me.

Jesus challenged me before I arrived here to say yes to every invitation I received. (not violating my core values..obviously!!)  So that is how I have lived the past few weeks.  For a planner, this has been a delightful challenge.  God said, “This trip is a giant RESET for you.  You being RESET back to your original design…to know My voice and to be lead by Me.”  Who knew I needed to be reset? I thought I was accomplishing alot in my little world.  But in all my planning and accomplishing stuff, I lost a sense of wonder.   Like it’s possible to plan so many good things that somehow God never gets to wow us.  So I decided to let Him wow me this summer….and for the rest of my life.  I was born for wonder.  I was designed to be astonished by Him.

Many of you I am sure were expecting nice pictures of sweet little orphans…….. or stories of girls being rescued in the middle of the night.  I have so little of that to report.   What I do have to share is that each day was filled with wonder and delight.  It was a bit like fluttering around…and it would make most people extremely uncomfortable.  Especially the planners with hourly goals.

I went for coffee and the power was out…….so i sat down to figure out how to get the address to another coffee shop.  I overheard a couple talking about the very place i was trying to get to.  So we chatted.  They invited me to dinner 🙂 I ended up moving into their house the next day.  Before I left for Asia, God showed me a very elaborate room I would stay in.   Which is the room I am currently staying in.  Yep…the same room I dreamed of.  He told me I would stay with a family while I was here…..I didn’t know ANYONE in Cambodia.  Now my life is so woven into this family, I can’t imagine life going on without them being part of it.  My friend saw a big crystal chandelier in a vision….and sent it to me the first night I came to dinner.  At dinner, I sat under a huge, crystal chandelier.  He showed me I would go to the beach while I was here….we went to the beach last week as a family:)  All of these came from saying yes….none of it was planned.

So from staying with the Canadians, I have just said yes to everything they invited me to.  I was invited to a house of prayer meeting to pray for Cambodia. I said yes. I was invited from there to coffee with a woman who had some questions about what God was showing her.  I said yes.  I was also invited to a prayer walk to pray for revival in the city.  I said yes.  At that meeting, I was invited for breakfast with all the leaders of the church in Phnom Pehn….like the leaders of ministries here….all at one table.  I said yes.  From that meeting, I rode home with a lady who has been here for 2 years.  She opened up and shared her heart with me…she even cried because of the things I was prophesying to her so touched her.  She invited me to lunch.  I said yes.  At lunch, she told me about all the things she see in the Spirit….and how she has no one to process it with.   And she cried because she read Blake Healy’s book The Veil and for the first time in her life felt understood. From that meeting I was invited to pray for a girl with AIDS. I said yes.  The daughters of the Canadians have each invited me into their worlds…coffee, treats, manicures, massages, shopping….and the sweetest conversations about God and love and dreams and beauty.  Conversations I will treasure for a lifetime.  All of which I said yes to.  Even going to get Pringles and Dr Pepper would often result in laughter and deep conversations and an exchange on a heavenly level.

2014-07-13 15.36.37-1

prayed for total healing!! keep praying for her:))

Christine, the mom, told me this week how she had been praying God would teach her things….and then I arrived.  And the past few days just looking back, I am IN AWE of how God orchestrates things.  I am IN AWE of how extravagant He is.  I am fully convinced that He would bring me half way around the world just to live with the Canadians and share my sweet love story with them.  It would be enough.  He would bring me here to have coffee and manicures with a young woman dreaming of big things and questioning what love really is and how to hear God’s voice.  He would bring me here to encourage those fighting on the front lines every single day.  He would bring me here for one conversation that confirms and validates a woman’s encounters with Heaven.  He would bring me here to pray for one single person who had just been diagnosed with AIDS.  He would bring me here to RESET me and teach me how to follow His peace.  He is so extravagant that His ways amaze me.  He is never concerned with how much something costs….He already paid.  He would go to great lengths for one moment….for one person.

2014-07-07 12.16.33

Krenz Family Vacation 2014

What if that’s what life with Him looks like?  Just saying yes to moments and letting Him overwhelm you.  Letting Him lead you into the most amazing circumstances that you couldn’t plan if you tried…..but you end up there because you said yes……and you’re there because He is with you and He is ready to move.  What if our wildest dreams are more in the yes to moments….as opposed to the hourly goals and endless planning?  Maybe that sort of living is just for some people.  I have decided this way is how I am designed.  I am designed to be lead by Him….to move with His Spirit……to follow Peace….to wake up everyday so aware of His presence that I would follow it anywhere.  It’s rather difficult and inconvenient to “stop for the one” when it’s not on the list for the day!

So…yeah…..It’s been the trip of a lifetime! It’s still happening!!! I have just done alot of family! God is so good at building family! I have prayed for alot of missionaries and cheered them on! I have helped people hear from God! I laughed alot and pointed out God in all of His wonder! I fell more in love with Jesus than I ever thought could be possible!

God has been talking to me already about coming back to this land…..being connected to the people here….being part of revival happening here in Cambodia! So pray for the missionaries to be awakened fully to the Kingdom….and ALL of His goodness! To know the fun side of God! To know the availability of Jesus and Heaven! Pray for hope and joy! God is moving in the land……….and I am so in awe that I get to be part of it!

Brave moments:

–sleeping in a hotel room where we killed 3 spiders the size of Africa!

–believing for total healing for someone with AIDS…even though I have never seen anyone healed of AIDS personally

–telling the world…and the church…I didn’t really do what you thought I would do here….But I did what He dreamed I would do

–not having a plan for the day

–not planning what I will “do”  upon my return to America…yep…don’t know the details yet

–spent incredible amounts of time with Jesus….

–Opened my heart to the possibility of falling in love again

–did an entire mission trip based on my dreams at night, encounters, words of knowledge from friends and saying yes

–almost 8 hours on the phone trying to change my flight and no cuss words escaped my mouth

–believing that there is not one single flaw in me…and I really am the Beloved…every single day

–deciding that the BRAND NEW season awaiting me in America is just a big blank canvas waiting to be painted with a beautiful masterpiece!

-choosing to not be offended when I don’t agree with someone’s theology or beliefs…talk about 10,000 opportunities to get offended…whoa!!!

So go be brave!:))

Brave New Girl


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